Sunday, 13 December 2009

I don't feel any older

Well it is time to update this blog. There is just Charlie and I at home today. DH is off with his buddies and Leda has gone to DGD's for the weekend.
I have been madly knitting for Christmas but that is nothing new........................... will I still be knitting Christmas eve............ probably ............................ or maybe I will be finished the Christmas projects and work on something for me. This is rather a lean Christmas as far as money is concerned but that isn't what Christmas is about. We will see some of our family and friends so that will be nice.
DGD #2 was complaining that they don't decorate but just put up a tree. I said "You can come and help me decorate". Reply " I don't know." She is now 9 and not too helpful lately. What is it about 9 year olds ...............Not my favorite age group ..........they don't want to bathe, wash or brush their hair and teeth, change their clothes and they are smart alecs...............
................... Fortunarely I do love this child. My other DGD is coming on the 23rd for the day so I will have to see what she wants to do.
Last weekend Jill, Shelby and I were at DD Cory's and made centre pieces. Here is one of mine.

It was my Birthday on Tuesday and I went to Jackies to quilt. All my Children plus all my Brothers and Sisters have phoned this week. I was wonderful to talk to everyone. We didn't do anything on my Birthday as Bill had to work until 11:00 pm. Wednesday my friend Molly took me out shopping and then for Lunch. Gail took me to supper before we went to WNK. As usual we had desert first and it was delicious. We ordered a sampler so got to taste three different desserts. This is the lovely gift from Gail ( she made the fingerless gloves)

Friday I was supposed to spin at Doris' house but cancelled out as I had this horrible headache. Discovered yesterday that I forgot to take my pills on Friday.
Yesterday was Cory's birthday she was taken to emergency by ambluance because of the pain she has been having in her neck and arm. The Neurosurgeon admitted her and today she will probably have an MRI and will very likely need surgery. Not the way you usually want to spend your Birthday but she was so relieved to finally have someone doing something about the problem that it may be the best Birthday ever. Visited her last night and will probably go again tonight.
Usually we celebrate our Birthdays together with DGD #1 whose BD is the 23rd but don't know how much celebrating we will do this year.
I missed my Dear Friend Margaret's graduation celebration last night. She now has her Masters Degree. I really give her credit for this as she was working full time , looking after a family and doing at least 2 courses a semester. Needless to say she is very happy to be finished. I did phone her to say congratulations and all going well I will get to see her and her family this coming week.

Well I must get back to my knitting so that's allfor now.


  1. Ya know my dear friend that you don't look a day older either... a very Happy Birthday
    Hugs Sheila

  2. So glad I read your post! You gave me an idea for a christmas present.. I have a UFO in my sewing room and its time it was finished and fully enjoyed!
    Happy belated birthday!