Wednesday, 25 August 2010

All reasonably quiet on the home front

Well Sunday my friend Tracey stopped by for a bit of quilting. I phoned Jill and she came by with the girls so Tracey could see them.

Monday I spent at Jill's to help her with the house .............. she hadn't had any sleep and had a headache, cranky Shelby hadn't had enough sleep and the baby had a tummy ache. .................. The closest thing I can think of to describe the day was being caged with Grizzle bears. I of course am never cranky , tired or miserable and never ever in my whole life do I ever yell. (Any one in the market for a bridge?) Luckily we all survived. Jill made dinner and sent some home with me so I didn't have to cook.

Yesterday I went to Jackie's and got most of the blocks cut out for a quilt and the pieces ready to finish my applique project............ hurray progress at last.
Today I am off to DD #1 for lunch and shower planning ( not the rain kind ................ I not only don't have that power but don't want that power).

Oh a rather neat thing........... I have been internet chatting with a woman in Ontario. She and I share the same GGG Grandfather or maybe he is only my GG Grandfather and her GGG Grandfather. I will have to checkout the number of "Greats" involved, but later. Maybe I should say I am his GGG Grand daughter. That way I get to be really 'great'.

On the knitting front I have turned the heels on my Hidden Lace socks and knit a wee sock for LisaD. I need to do a few wee socks so I am ahead of the game.........I do know the themes for the upcoming months ........ now to get it all together.

Did you ever get everything together and then forget where you put it......... Happens to me on a regular basis. Well I need to go package blue berries for DD and then drive to her house for lunch.

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