Monday, 27 September 2010


It was a lovely weekend. Three of us gals from our dinner group went to Whistler for the weekend sort of. Margaret picked me up Saturday morning and we went to Sherri's house. From there we went to Sherri and Larry's condo in Whistler. Lisa could not join us as she was suffering the after-effects of oral surgery and a case of the flu. We did pull a photo of her up on the computer and then tried to take a picture of the four of us with the Iphone. This was fun as we couldn't see what we were aiming at. We finally got photos to e-mail to Lisa. The three best photos were the one above and the two below.

The following two photos were taken with my camera.

We drank wine, ate wonderful food, watched movies, visited, dyed my hair Burgundy.................. not that I wanted Burgundy hair but I had forgotten that colour comes out Burgundy on me........... I wanted RED hair like I used to have before this aging process. Anyway I am going to see if my daughter can fix it for me.
Back to the topic we also had a pedicure ; Sherri's toenails, Margaret's toe nails, My toe nails.
We wandered around the farmers market and got a few things, then lunch and home in time for Sunday dinner. All in all a wonderful restful weekend.

Below is a photo of the elephant I made for Shelby months ago. I borrowed it back to take the photos.

My socks in Opal yarn; Hidden Lace Socks by James G.Davis
I goofed on these as I made them in medium instead of small because when I initially tried them on the cuff was too tight. I should have done the foot in the small size. Am I going to frog them and redo the foot ................... are they that much too big???????? NO NO NO I DON'T WANT TO ........................... but I might have to DARN DARN DARN


  1. no pictures of the burgundy hair? hehehe

  2. What a great weay to spend your weekend. What's wrong with burgundy?

  3. Save those Socks!!! Just put em in the Christmas basket. Someone will need them. And the burgundy hair wasn't too bad - it fades over time anyway. It wasn't magenta . .