Monday, 29 November 2010


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 This wonderful parcel arrived in the mail today.  It was my parcel from Auchgan (Holli) and the theme was Hansel and Gretel. I pulled a large bag out of the mailing envelop and this was what I saw. ................... all kinds of goodies.
 When I unwrapped everything I found many lovely things not just the wee socks.  There was a cooking kit for Shelby and I to do together.  A lovely card, chocolate, candies, candle, a witch, house ornament , paper decorations, and other things.
 There were TWO socks one for Hansel and one for Gretel. There was a little bag with a bird button and inside was another bag with four very cute "Ginger Bread "stitch markers.
 This is the witch, her house and the gingerbread stitch markers.   She is too cute to be a scary witch.
The little one and her Mum were here today but Elizabeth was not her usual cherry self. She is cutting teeth and chews on everything with in reach. She is fun to watch anyway. The latest thing is she has discovered her toes and likes to hold on to them.

Her big sister Shelby was very happy today and got lots of smiles from the baby. Tomorrow they come again for the day. it is wonderful to see the baby grow and learn.

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