Monday, 10 January 2011

A poopy day

 Well Jill arrived this am  with the baby and Shelby's dog Princess.  Princess had apparently eaten something she shouldn't have like some of Shelby's prawns.  This gave her diarrhea so she needed a bath to get the poop off her backside.  Then while trying to  lick herself dry we think she ingested a bit of the shampoo as she threw up all over one of the couch cushions. Jill cleaned this up but not well enough to suit Charlie who sleeps on the back of the couch and pretends he is a watch dog. He wanted to get down but the wet cushion was on his side of the couch...............he walks along the top of the couch back until he is over the other cushion and then gets down.

Now the baby is fussing because she has poopy pants.  If you have had children you know the diaper that didn't hold everything so the pants and shirt have poop up the back of them. The baby is changed all is well we thought ....................... not really because Princess just threw up on the carpet.

Lida is wanting to go out so Jill takes all three dogs for a walk while I look after the baby who is hungry again.  This of course is followed by poopy diaper............. the baby thinks that this is a major accomplishment and is very pleased with herself.  I change the grinning baby, meanwhile Jill and the dogs come back.

I can still smell poop so am looking around and discover Charlie has had a problem. There is a big glob of poop in the hair under  his tail. After assessing the situation Jill and I decide that we need to use the scissors before the bath.  She holds, I clip and pretty soon we have a pile of poop and poopy hair on the ground and Charlie is in the shower.  Now Charlie doesn't like to have a bath so I decided a shower would be the answer.  At least he stays in the tub for the shower............... I, on the other hand, am not any dryer than when I give him a bath. ...................................This means I am soaking wet.  Now I have to dry a very wet, very hairy ........ no make that a very furry dog who would rather wander around the house shaking himself dry............................ for some strange reason Bill objects to this method of dog drying.

Jill goes to pick up Shelby from school. They come back to our house so Shelby can knit 10 stitches on my sock scrimmage sock.  She is a little intimidated by the four tiny needles but did manage to knit ten stitches. She even picked up a stitch that she dropped. After she knit her stitches she wanted her Mum to take a photo of Elizabeth "Knitting".

This requires a lot of intense concentration.

 This is a very small,  very serious knitter.

This is my wee sock riding in the car to the Pharmacy we use. 

Tomorrow I will take a photo of the sock at a local landmark.
Also I hope Bill will knit 10  stitches for me.  Then Wednesday night Gail and I will knit on each others socks.

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  1. What a great day you had... way to go Shelby..and 'man up' Bill and do your share..