Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Well Sharon has been after me again to update this blog.  I really do have a good reason for not blogging.  Every morning Jill arrives with the baby ( and Shelby if it is the weekend).  I have been helping her with the baby so she can get some rest as her heart problem makes her very tired.  The surgery is now booked for March 15th.  This is the third appointment she has been given so "third time lucky" ....................  right. I spent a lot of time on the phone with the hospital booking clerk to no avail but I know have a better idea how the system doesn't work ................. the problem with this date is that I will have to miss the quilting retreat as Jill will be home with us and will need major help with the baby.  I can live with this as long as it means Jill is better.
Then Shelby comes home from school sick..........  sore throat, runny nose, cough ................... and wonder of wonders she shared it with her Mother and the baby.  Now I have sick family coming everyday and things are going okay until Friday.  I wake up with a sore throat.............. then the baby is so sick she can't hardly cry.  Bill who worries more than Jill and I wanted the baby to go to emergency.      So guess who goes to emergency ................if you thought it was Bill YOU ARE WRONG............  the girls refuse to allow him to go to emergency with them.   He is sure his family member's condition is more serious than anyone else so he grabs the first Dr he sees and demands they  look at his family member first.

So 4 hours in emergency on a Friday night to find out what Jill and I knew in the first place..................  the baby has a head cold. Mind you it was nice to have our thoughts confirmed.............. isn't it always but it would have been nice if it hadn't taken FOUR HOURS.
So now we are all sick except Bill. Hopefully he won't get it because he is really miserable when he is sick .................... in more ways than one.

One of the other things that happened is a long time  friend of mine had a heart attack. She was in hospital for 3 or 4 days then decided she should go home even though the Dr.  wanted her to stay one more day............. Next morning her DH had to take her back into emergency where they kept her over night.  I am  still annoyed with her for not taking better care of herself.

Jill and I have been working on the ROOM with help for Dottie one day and it is starting to look like I may actually be able to sew in there. Still have to clear off the cutting table and the sewing machine table. There is also a few things on the floor that need a home............................ somewhere I am sure there is a place for them. The problem is that it may not be in this house...........

My Adult Surprise Jacket is progressing but is still not finished.   I had to dye some more yarn for it but it is getting close to finished so I keep working away at it.  I will probably get it done just in time for spring when it is too warm to wear the Jacket........
Well that;s it for today other than I am going to have to miss knitting tonight at the Pool Hall.



  1. Know about that bug. Got it myself. The whole first class at Action ended up with it & shared it with the Instructors who shared it with the Staff & the second class. Whoopie! Get well soon, it is not fun being sick with a WELL baby but a blast from hell to be sick with a SICK baby. I will remember you in my prayers!

  2. Don't you get over tired, or you won't be any help to Jill, and the kids, and by the sounds of it, Bill will have ya all in the ER..