Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Well I haven't blogged in the last month because my life has been too hectic.  One of my Girlfriends had a heart attach, Jill had her surgery and she and the girls have moved in.  We now have Bill, Myself, Jill with here broken chest (the surgery was a success), a ten year old with ATTITUDE , a eight month old Drama Queen, an older cocker spaniel and a 9 month old puppy.
Both the baby and the puppy are teething ........................ the baby likes to chew the dog toys and the puppy likes to chew things like Bill's $150 Cpac mask, my inhaler, Anul Likeit, computer cords.  We have a kennel to put the dog in but she managed to open the zippers so we closed them with safety pins ....................... she managed to open the pin .......................... the paper clip got bent open ....................... this was the time she chewed Jill's pill bottle with her time released morphine.  We came home to find the mess................. vomit on the carpet ................. a very subdued puppy and 13 missing pills.  Fortunately she threw up and got rid of most of the medication but it was a couple of days before she was back to her bouncey self.
Today was "Take Jill to appointments day" so we put the dog in the kennel and padlocked it shut.............. after all the appointments we came home to find the puppy had torn the mesh windows on the kennel and again was free to roam and chew.

My Quilting is not progressing at all and my knitting very little.................... oh oh baby calling


  1. Oh Wow!!!! I think someone is going to need a long holiday after this is over!!! Glad to hear Jill is doing well & hopefully well on the way to recovery & moving back home for your sake. Sounds like puppy is a challenge also...maybe a kennel with a wire door & lock. We are puppy sitting also...lots of work but lots of fun. Good company while Scott was off to England for 10 days. Miss you at knitting...lots of f/o's, show & tell etc. Can't wait to see you again.
    Thinking of you!!!
    Love Kathy

  2. That pup needs a metal kennel - you're going to come home to find him dead when he electrocutes himself on a live cord. A client had to give his pooch mouth-to-snout resuscitation to his pup one day. Couldn't stop him from chewing & he chewed a cord. Pup blew out a tooth or two, part of his gums & stopped his heart. Luckily he responded to the CPR & lived to a good age. Never chewed ANYTHING not in the food bowl after that.
    And we DO miss you from the WNN. Dottie brought this wonderful lacy shawlette for us to fondle!! You need a night out!! Maybe just a night out to sleep???

  3. Hi you,
    What a relief that Jill is doing well. That must be making things a bit easier, emotionally anyway.
    I looked at your pictures and fell in love with the elephant! Too cute.
    Desert Mesa can't come soon enough for me, looking forward to a few bad jokes with you!
    I love the puppy antics, makes my life look a bit normal.
    Take care and see you soon,