Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Surprise

I don't clean out my purse very often but last night I thought I should take some of the papers  out of my purse as it was getting full.  What do I find but a folded , stapled piece of paper that said "For your alternator" and inside was enough money to pay for the cost of the alternator.  I don't know who put the money in my purse but I have my suspicions.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
I am really blessed with some incredible friends.

Oh yes I hemmed another pair of pants yesterday ...............................................  that is 6 pants in 3 days  ...... absolutely amazing.

I have sort of started packing as I go on the quilting retreat tomorrow,  come home Sunday and leave for Ft St John on Monday.  I have made lists ........... for quilting projects, knitting projects and all the assorted things I think I need to take with me

Elizabeth and Jill are here and Elizabeth thought the tomatoes on the counter were balls so proceeded to toss them on the floor ................. tomatoes don't bounce.  After that she got up to the sink and dumped water all over herself and the floor.

Knitting at the Pool Hall last night, we all must have been tired as we broke up about 8:30.  Tammy bought more yarn from her stash for us to make into hats for "Loving Spoonful", so I ended up with enough to make 2 or 3 hats.

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  1. Imagine that, money found in your purse.