Monday, 8 April 2013

I don't believe it

First my Husband and now the dog.  You know how Husbands are,   " What are you doing? " ............. "When are you going to be finished?"  ................. "Are you going to come and sit with me?" ..............
..... Well now the dog has started ......... I get up, wash, brush hair and teeth, dress and go into the kitchen.  Charlie wants out so I let him out. Then he has to bark to let all the neighbours know he is up.   This is not allowed so I have to stop what I am doing to get him in .................. Now he wants a treat for going out ( thanks Jill for starting this).  Then he needs his breakfast in his dish.   Not that he is going to eat it now.  Oh yes he can't possibly eat dry dog food so it has to have some form of liquid on it ,  usually warm water. Cold water smells of chloride and that is not acceptable. Oh yes the reason Charlie is not eating his food now is he is waiting in the hopes that there will be people food.  Elizabeth is usually his go to source. She now thinks he is going to eat anything she drops be it rubber ducks, plastic cookies or pencils.
Meanwhile back in the kitchen I am working on what ever I was doing before I had to let the barking dog in......    Charlie on the other hand is barking at me to go into. The living room and sit with him.  When I finish what I am doing we go into the living room and sit down in my chair .............. Charlie
................... Who was desperate for my company climbs up into his chair and promptly goes to sleep.

I finished my " Diner in the Eiffel Tower" stole but need to take a photo.  Am knitting a hat out of the handspun I made from a colour way called " licorice all sorts" ( very black).   Both these items will be Show and Tell at the spinning retreat this coming weekend.

Dotty has decided to knit another " epic" shawl so several of us are going to join her.  We are making Gail join us as well,  just because.   I am going to do this shawl in a royal blue.

It is going to be a challenge for me but will be beautiful.

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