Friday, 26 April 2013


I am having trouble posting photos here as I can't seem to scroll down and type what they are.  Don't know what the problem is ............ Maybe it is blogger, or my IPad ..... Couldn't possibly be ME.

Today I had Elizabeth for a few hours in the afternoon.  She loves to go outside so it was a lovely day and Shay had come over to mow the lawn so out we went.   I was digging up the little flower bed I have in the back yard.  I have rocks surrounding the bed and weeds growing in it.  I was digging out the weeds and tiding up the rocks.  The weeds and small rocks were going in her little wheel barrel ( I don't have a big one) and Elizabeth was putting small shovelfuls of dirt in the wheel barrel.  Then she discovered the rocks I was throwing away, picked them out and placed them inside the circle of large rocks.  Then she preceded to cover all the rocks with dirt.  Not exactly my plan but nothing I can't fix.
When Jill arrived to take her home she didn't want to go as I think she figured we would stay outside for ever.  After we went in the house and told her that I wasn't going out again she agreed to go home with her Mom.
I am on row 18 of my "Epic" shawl and I have about 1" of knitting to show for it (211 stitches/row).  It will probably a little longer once it is blocked.

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