Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Knitting needles

I know you aren't going to believe this but I don't have enough knitting needles ................ Yes you did read that correctly. I really don't have enough. This year for the first time in eons I am not knitting for my family, except the DGD of course. I planned to knit one of the Advent Shawls so last night I found the yarn in my stash, yes I went stash diving and found just what I wanted. Not only did I find what I wanted, it was the yarn recommended by the designer. So what does all this babbling have to do with not enough needles. I needed size 2.75 or 3.0 in a 16 inch length. I don't have any, I cut down the cable of one of my bamboo circulars but the yarn wouldn't slide on the cable so that was an exercise in futility. So maybe today I will go buy one 16 inch 2.75 circle knitting needle. Yes I know I can use a bigger needle and keep pulling a loop of the cable but that drives me crazy and I am crazy enough as it is. I am also knitting an afghan. The pattern is one I borrowed from Gail. She had bought this lovely kit that had all different kinds of yarn in it to do the afghan. I went through my stash months and months and months ago, started the afghan and then left it sitting in a basket that Elizabeth tended to sit on. The afghan is now half done and I am really pleased with it. I got up this morning, cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. The hot water loosens up my hands and takes some of the soreness out .............. Meanwhile in the Living room (think scary music here) , Priscilla is checking out all the yarn for the Advent Shawl, labels included. Go in the living room with my first cup of coffee and pick up all the yarn and labels, put them back in the "Dottie Knitting bag", sit down and a bird flies into the room. Yes that's right a BIRD. I think it walked in through the open dog door. Oh darn that was one of the things I meant to get yesterday, a new dog door. Anyway I opened the front door and it did fly out. Oh yes I found some rubber boots that fit me .......... Hurrah. The only thing that could be better about them is they could be clear to show off my socks. Need to go check on my Dragons.

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