Sunday, 28 September 2014

Targets aren't supposed to move

Today Jill, DGD and I had a snowball fight in the front yard.  I think DGD won as Jill and I ran out of snowballs. DGD has a invisible rule book and of course there are rules about snowball fights.This is 1. snowballs have to be round ( this one got scrapped)
2. Targets have to be still.
3. Sometimes you are the target and sometimes your are not.

The shawl I am working on is causing a problem.  "Someone" made a mistake eight rows back.  I have tried to just redo that section but IT IS NOT WORKING.
Shelby's sweater is not progressing.
Dinosaurs are on hold until the above two items are finished.

I have to match up fabric to make a wedding quilt for DHs nephew and wife.
Have the blocks for Cory's quilt  sewn together, now to do the trees and leaves.
I need to do a baby quilt for a new Grand Niece.
There are  three other children I know who also need quilts.
I have cut out one and a half quilts to sew at the retreat this month but don't know how much sewing I will get done as DH goes into hospital for knee replacement that weekend.

The house is in chaos as I am trying to organize and downsize the dwelling of two packrats.  Needless to say this is a very slow, tedious process.

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  1. Do as I've been doing - ONE bag a day. Doesn't have to be big but ONE bag a day. Surprisingly, I can see open spots here & there & will soon be able to sweep.