Monday, 16 July 2007

Water, water everywhere

As if it isn't hot and humid enough around here yesterday the hot water tank started to leak from the drain spout. I phone the landlord and tell him about the leak. I try duct tape around the leaking plastic cap but even duct tape wouldn't stop the leak............ okay if I turn off the breaker I can turn off the water right...........wrong.......I can't find the breaker. I am sure water tanks need 220 wiring ................. brain dead ............ this is a gas heater ....duh. Okay get the neighbour but he doesn't know how to shut the gas off either but he turns the heat off and we turn the water off. I take all the tape off and let it leak into a bucket which needs to be emptied every 15 minutes. I need a bowl of chocolate ice cream. The landlord phones - the plumber /gas fitter can't come until tomorrow .......... more chocolate ice cream.
Okay settle down you have lived without hot water before you can manage one day , dishes are done and we have enough clothes. Mind you the washing machine is full to the brim with wet towels, blankets and anything else I could find to soak up the water. Have another dish of chocolate ice cream.
The neighbor comes back with a piece of rubber which he says he can use to stop the leak. That way I can have hot water.
He is insistent that he put this thing on ........................ okay I let him. I check it in 30 minutes .......... WATER all over the laundry room .................... imagine loud screaming noises here #X%&*. I put down an old wool blanket as the water is running down the edge of the tank so the bucket won't work .................. go eat more chocolate ice cream.
DH finally comes home at 9:00 and I fill him in on the day which started at 4:30 with a very sore neck and arm pain but after drugs is now down to a dull headache. He turns the heat off on the tank, turns the tap off and turns the bathtub on to drain the tank. I say put the plug in the tub and save the water. I don't know why we were saving the water in the bath tub. Then Bill says have you eaten today ...... my reply toast and peanut butter, a banana, and ice cream. 10:00 we have some dinner and he wants dessert ............ ice cream and fruit he says. I just look at him " There isn't any ice cream. I ATE IT ALL".
So we go to bed everything looks fine ..... WRONG. This morning I get up 6:30. THERE IS WATER ALL OVER THE LAUNDRY ROOM AND HALF THE KITCHEN #%$%^&&^%##%^&*(*(*(&*$#@$^%............ find more towels and laundry to mop up the water. Make some coffee , take some deep breaths the plumber comes today.
The plumber arrives and checks things out .....DH leaves ....... the plumber leaves to get some things. I start moving things so the plumber can take the old tank out and bring in the new one. Anyone who has been here knows this is easier said than done. The plumber is back. DJ (DD Cory's dog) goes crazy runs out from under my chair, gets tangled up in the cords to the lap top ....... laptop goes flying, dog heads out the door wrapped in the mouse cord....... mouse comes apart, laptop is on the floor. Dog is going out the back door. Plumber is coming in the front door. I am yelling at the dog.
okay check everything out ... the laptop is okay, put the mouse back together and plug it in ...... doesn't work ....... try a different port it works. The plumber is now working on putting in a new tank and things are not going well. The dog is shut in the bedroom and I am venting. Darn all the ice cream is gone. on the positive side I did finish a pair of socks yesterday.


  1. Fun, fun, fun now that Daddy's taken old hot water heater away. If I lived closer would bring a 4 L pail of some exotic kind of ice cream. You sound like you handled it well, ice cream helped.

  2. I notice the HUSBAND was not home for the action. And he left before the plumber arrived . . . is there something we should know???

  3. What a day! Why weren't Ben & Jerry on call? Sounds like they would have been more help to you than the plumer and landlord were. Atleast your socks are stunning!