Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Moved but in chaos .................

We have moved but it has been an experience I never want to repeat. It took three days to move us, mean while Bill is having to go for IV antibiotics twice a day. He has developed an infection in his leg from the accident. This takes 5 - 7 hours out of our day.......... yesterday he developed an allergy to the antibiotics so now the specialist wants to wait two days until the hives go down before she does any thing else.
I can't get in the craft room or on the back porch. Thanks to my wonderful friend Lisa we are able to sit in the living room, eat at the table in the dining area and cook a little in the kitchen . Without Lisa and our daughter Jill we would never have survived this move.
My shawl pattern is packed somewhere, my sock pattern doesn't make sense so I am working on a scarf.................. the plan is to take things easy for the next few days and try to recover from the stress of the move, Bill's illness and the car accidents the family has had in the past month and the friend who has cancer, etc..............

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  1. Karen, I am so sorry to hear about your husband's difficulty with this infection. Talking it easy is probably the best thing for you both. What a stressful time this must be with so much going on! I hope things settle down soon, so you can actually enjoy your new home.