Sunday, 17 February 2008

Robbing Peter to pay Paul...............

........... this is what I seem to be doing. I move boxes from point A to point B so I can move boxes from point C to A and then I move the boxes from D to C so I can get a bookshelf into D..................... and round and round we go. I keep breaking down boxes but there doesn't seem to be a lot more room in comparison. Tomorrow I am going to the specialist with Bill and then I am going quilting at Jackie's. Bill's leg looks a lot better so hopefully he has had enough antibiotics to kill the infection. He still tires really quickly but hopefully that will improve quickly.
My knitting needles and yarn stash have been located and I know where all the sewing machines are but I can't find my Dear Jane or Quilted Diamonds books..................arrrruuuuuuughh................Why can't I remember what box I packed them in.............I only packed about 467 boxes more or less. Actually I never counted but it felt like 467. I still can't find the long skinny box with the knives in it but we are managing with a paring knife and the cleaver. The kitchen is almost organized, I did move some dishes around today and have got rid of a LARGE box of Tupperware and other storage items. I need to remember that there is only two of us.......... our youngest is 32.
Oh yes Shelby was here today and yesterday.She doesn't want to leave when Mum comes as she is too busy climbing and being "Queen of the World". The only thing that seems to worry her is "Grandma Dragon". Have you ever been slain by a chop stick???
I had a fibre day on Thursday after I went to the tire shop to get rid of the "woobble woooble wooble " when I drove. Went to visit a quilt shop that has a new owner and he has bought fabric I will buy. Actually I did buy some fabric. Then I went to Knitopia bought some luscious lace weight yarn, Harmony by Jojoland and some sock yarn, Melody by Jojoland. It was knitting night at the shop so I stayed for awhile and worked on my opal socks.
Well it is 11:35 and I am off to bed.

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