Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I have been blessed with some very wonderful friends and two of them spoilt me this week. I was unable to go to OFF with them so they each brought me something. Gail brought me a square spindle made by Spindle wood Company and Lynne brought me spinning fibre from Dicentre Designs. It is hand dyed BFL top in a colour called Edmund. Lynne also brought me a small amount of merino/yak that I am spinning on my new spindle from Gail. This spindle is wonderful. It spins forever.

When I think about it most of my friends spoil me and I am very blessed to have them in my life.

I have been busy spinning, knitting and quilting. I planned a lot of things for the past weekend to try and make up for not going to OFF. I stopped to see my friend Jackie then took Shelby to see the baby alpacas. We went for lunch at a Japanese restaurant where they were a little slow taking our order. Shelby got up and went over to one of the waitresses and asked when someone would wait on us as she was HUNGRY. One of the waitresses was right over (with a big smile on her face) to take our order.

We then went to Black Sheep Yarn shop as they were having a sale. There was some very cute knitted animals in the shop and Shelby really liked the elephant so I bought the pattern. Shelby checked out all the grey wool in the shop and picked out a good one for an elephant. I said "I suppose I need to knit your elephant right away".
NO ............... Shelby said" GRANDMA - you have been working on Briannes dog for months and it is NOT finished. When we get home you need to work on that ." ....................... BOSSY child. I have now finished all the pieces for the dog and just need to sew it together. .........................Have I said how much I dislike sewing knitted projects together? ........................ in case I haven't I REALLY , REALLY DISLIKE SEWING KNITTED PROJECTS TOGETHER. That is probably why I like to knit socks and shawls sewing of the knitted project.

Well today I have to go out and get a new battery for my phone as the one I have won't fully charge any more. Lets see ........
I need to do dishes, laundry, vacumming and other house work.............................. if I go to the phone shop, then the library, followed by Micheals and the loony store that may take me until 4:30. Time to think about supper before I leave for the Pool hall for the evening......................... Housework will always wait until tomorrow. In fact you can do it today and still do it again tomorrow so I THINK I WILL DO THINGS I LIKE.

My camera downloader thingy is still not working. DH took it to get it fixed so now I think it is lost forever in his truck. I really like blog postings with photos but will have to do without for now.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Sorry we couldn't make it last nite. We are under the wire getting ready for the wedding & still working. Have to get our priorities right!!! Did u get any good stuff at the yarn sale??? I need to go by there sometime. I bought some wool for the gloves @ 88 stitches on wkend. Will take them with me on the plane to Ont. wedding. Will miss everyone. See u in a few wks (poss Oct 21 we arrive in Vanc. about 6:50 pm, if not then Oct 28). Take care.

  2. You lucky Stiff!! Talk to me nicely & I might just find a little wildly colored silk for you to try on your spindle!!! LOL