Thursday, 22 April 2010

Desert Mesa

Well I guess it is time that I told you about the Spinning Retreat. Gail was in Las Vegas so Sharon and I went on our own. Sharon's van needed a good run so she wanted to take it. Thursday I start to get ready. I am tired of looking at grey hair in my mirror so I colour my hair, then I see this "Chocolate Mask" that Margaret gave me so I try it out................ attractive or what??

Time to decide what to take................. if I take several different small projects of different colours I won't be so tempted to buy anything leastthat is my theory............what to take....what to take. How about some orange fibre (merino and silk) , some green monkey fibre (BFL), the neutral topknot and my spindle with the grey fibre. That should be enough. I pack the little Louet S-45, niddy-noddy, ball winder, gift for exchange, gift for Sheila, gloves for Toni, pattern for Sheila, Don't have Sharon's Birthday present ready so it will have to wait until Knit Night. Clothes, pills , other stuff and I think I have everything ............oh yes don't forget the Hawkins Cheezies (the only kind)...........OH my green yarn I spun last time and the shawl I have started with it........ ALREADY
Friday morning 10:30ish Sharon arrives eating an "egg macmuffin". I start taking things out to the van and Charlie gets out. Bill is yelling for him to come back but he is ignoring Bill as usual. I tell Bill not to worry "Sharon has food". By the time we have everything out, Charlie has conned Sharon out of 1/4 of her Macmuffin and several dog biscuits. Innocent looking isn't he?

Time to hit the road , driving along , chatting, and I am knitting we totally miss the turn off for the Canyon and end up on the Cocahalla. We decide to take it to Merrit what the heck it's a nice day and we have time. Where the toll booths used to be we stop for a pee break and lunch. The day is sunny and warm, very nice for travelling. From Merrit we go to Logan lake and then to Aggisi andturn right to Cache Creek. Haul everything in, say hello to everyone and Oh OH I have a problem, Melody asks me to sit with her and then Lynn asks me to sit with her. Decisions, decisions....... I haven't seen Melody for Months and she did ask first. I will see Lynn again in June so I go sit with Melody and visit with Lynn later.
Well we spun and ate and laughed and spun and ate and laughed all day and part of the night. Did a lot of visiting and had a really great time. Sheila gave me this great sheepy note book and pen

Saturday we had "Show and Tell" ...................... OH MY GOSH but there are some very talented and skilled ladies in our group...
Saturday was the draw for this huge basket of goodies and Sharon won. Toni, my roommate went downstairs to get her and Sharon wouldn't beleive that she won. As Sharon went through the things in the basket she put aside the items that she already had or would not use. She had Donna draw more raffle tickets for these items. THEN SHE MADE ME SPEND ONE OF HER GIFT CERTIFICATES. What a sweetheart she is under that gruff exterior. So I came home with this haul.....................

The little package of knitting needles is from Lynn they are size 000000. Lynn also gave me some knitting magazines I didn't have. She is a very generous soul....
Saturday evening was the gift exchange and I got these goodies in a lovely bag.

To top it all off Toni gave me her "Sheep Tea Cozy" it is just too cute...... Toni is a weaver but has startedknitting what she calls small things. She has this book of Knitted Tea cozies and are the patterns ever cute....... makes me want to knit tea cozies.

Sunday , after lunch everyone packed up and headed home.......... who is coming in the fall again??? ...... who will be back next spring???? OH DEAR I forgot to memtion Julie came with her harp and played lovely music for us while we spun.
Ariived home safe and sound after a nice trip through the Canon.
Yesterday the post man brought me a lovely parcel from Sherri Harrison. We were swap partners in the wee tiny sock swap
and look at the haul I made....................

Well that's all for now folks. I am off to play with my new stuff.


  1. karen, my love.... nothing showed up... Sheila

  2. I just love the chocolate YOU....S

  3. There was a spinning retreat and you didn't tell me :| Are we going to plan for something local. I think that I am actually starting to get back into the textiles and stuff, actually doing some quitling right now. Iam in need of a good fiber fix.
    Iris. Sorry it has been so long.....