Saturday, 30 October 2010

2 posts in 2 days

Can you believe it .................... I am posting again and no I am not sick. Maybe it has something to do with babysitting. Then Jill and I took the baby and the dogs for a walk. Not that the baby walked................ she rode in the stroller/buggy that has moved into our house along with many other things. The buggy part of the stroller/buggy serves as a bassinet, plus we have a baby seat, a highchair ( it is living in the back of my car for now with a few other strange things), a bright coloured thing ( I don't know what it is called) that you set on the floor with the baby. It flashes and plays music to amuse the wee one. There is also diapers, clothes, bottles ( in case Mum isn't around to breast feed), formula, soothers, baby blankets, spit up cloths ( they would be great if we ever remember to use them) and toys.

Anyway the reason I am posting this morning in Inge sent me photos of the quilt our group made for Brigit who loves Tinkerbell. So here they are.
Every one in the group made a block and some made more than one to help fill in spots. Brigit loves Tinkerbelle . She did the most wonderful thing when she say the quilt , the thing you hope to see when you make a gift for someone ........................... she cried TEARS OF JOY.

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