Monday, 7 May 2012

is it really Monday

Thank  goodness because I thought it was Tuesday and had started to panic about getting everything done before the weekend.
It will be so great to see most of my sibs.  I don't know how relaxing the weekend is going to be with wee ones and dogs and everything else ................... but it will definitely be fun.

As for this past weekend ................... the Mistress of Mayhem was here both days and really lived up to her name on Saturday.  I don't think I got to sit still for more than 5 minutes at a time.  I think she knew I was having company for dinner and was being difficult on purpose.  She is really a little tease and not yet two years old.

My knitting is progressing slowly but it is progressing.  Have the binding and a little more quilting to do on Elizabeth's quilt and then it will be done.

These are my latest finds in the second hand shop. I the two colour one both yarns are carried through out the sweater.

Time to go and mow the grass in the front yard at least.  Hey John can you bring me a horse to do the back yard............... just for the summer of course.

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