Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Trying again

I guess I had better write about the Family reunion before I forget what we did...............  Jill, Elizabeth and I drove up in my car.  Cory took Shelby and Alesha in her car but we travelled together.

My DH just gave me a compliment.................. I think.................... he said I was" a Lady and a connoisseur of fine horses." He was buttering me up because I just got him a coffee and he may want more.

Any way ..................  the weekend.  We stopped in Hope at the liquour store for wine, cider and Vodka. Lunch was at a little drive-in in Boston Bar where we had the best burgers.

 LOON LAKE here we are about 5:00.  Only waiting for Aaron, Che and Liz to arrive.  Unpacked stuff in our cabin, Wendy and Janice walked over to tell us where everyone was.  Had a bit to eat and went to the RV area for drinks and visiting.  Arron arrived followed shortly by Che and Liz (they drove the best part of 2 days to get to the lake.) Nice evening visiting around the camp fire eating cheezies.

Saturday most of the men went fishing, it took all of them to catch one trout. They had rented one of the pontoon boats for the day and everyone had a ride at some point or other. Loon lake is a long skinny Lake, very pretty, saw ducks and loons (of course). Spent time watching the little ones and commenting on how much they had grown since last August. Janice had made up a book about Dad's family.  She had us let her know about any of the errors as she was going to have the book redone................... that reminds me I had better e-mail her and let her know I want one of the books.

 Dinner was potluck, there was enough food to feed an army so we had the leftovers for dinner on Sunday.  Again we sat by the fire and caught up on what was happening in everyone' life.  Told stories on each other and had a great time.
Sunday Aaron left at 5:00 am as he had to work that day.  Che and Liz left at lunch time (I cried) as did John and Janine, followed shortly by Jill and the girls. Cory and I had decided to stay until monday. The rest of the day was full of visiting, supper was the leftovers from Saturdays potluck for dinner The evening was spent sitting  around the fire and listening to" Janice Jokes".  We were all in gales of laughter..............   the jokes aren't funny.................... we have heard them all before but ................... Janice is funny when she tells them. She has been nick-named "the ENERGIZER BUNNY" because she NEVER SITS STILL.  Even Elizabeth has trouble wearing  her out.

During the reunion I came to the realization that I was the Matriarch of the family .................... am I OLDE enough to be a Matriarch????? What does a Matriarch do any way??

Monday was a sad day as we all left to head home. Wendy and Bob are signing papers for their new house in town, Janice and Jim are planning their next trip and everyone else but Me  had to go back to work.

Did you notice the photos in this post????...................  NO ................... that's because I forgot the camera, along with part of Che's present, fabric and pattern for Koren, and several other things.

 I didn't get John's vest finished but told him I would get it done and mail it to him.  I got this "YEAH RIGHT " look, but I am going to fool him.

Well we are back to our sort of routine. The baby knows how to open the fridge. The other morning she came into the living room with a yogurt and Charlie with a cucumber.  We are going to have to find a way to keep them out of the fridge.  Charlie tends to follow Elizabeth as he knows she drops food.

I have been spinning . All the singles are spun up for the sock yarn but I only have one good bobbin for my Wool House wheel .  That is the one I use for plying as it has bigger bobbins and it is half full of black wool.

Oh yes I forgot to take photos of Aarons quilt and Liz's quilt....................... what can I say other than it is a good thing I know where they live.

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