Friday, 25 July 2008

Rousted by the Police

Last night there was a group of us at Knitopia, some spinning , some knitting and some just visiting. Lynn was telling us a story about her work and I guess we were laughing very loudly because 4.............. yes FOUR......................... police officers came walking down the street to check out where all the noise was coming from. They said they could hear us around the corner and halfway up the block. One of them contacted dispatch to tell them what the noise was about, they chatted for awhile, ate some of the brownies we shared with them and then went on their way. As they were walking away Lynn said," It's a good thing the hookers aren't here tonight". This resulted in more laughter but they never did tell us to be quiet.

Wednesday was quilting at "Country Folk " and then WNK in the evening at the Pool hall. I really must tell the Children that I spend Wednesday nights in the pool hall and Thursday nights with the hookers and see what kind of reaction I get............. Jill knows I am knitting so I won't get too much from her but the other 2 may react.

I have been slowly getting all the dandelions out of the front lawn with my trusty puller. My weed picker-upper has gone to her other Grandparents for 2 weeks so I guess I will have to pick them up myself.

My Wendy sister phoned the other night to say her daughter is engaged and they are getting married in March 2009 ................... some place tropical so I guess we won't be at the wedding. I think there is going to be something in Ft. St. John when they get back so hopefully I can go to that. Wendy also said they are planning to start a family right away so my sister will be a grandmother soon ................ FINALLY................. she really wants Grandchildren.

What else is new............... HUM .................... the underground watering system for my garden is fixed, we are thinking of getting a cat as the mouse problem seems to come and go.

My knitting projects are going slow.I made a mistake on my SB1 shawl and had to ripe out 6 rows but only on the one half. By the time I was finished fixing it I think it might have been easier to ripe the whole thing back 6 rows. It is only about 200 stitches so far.

I haven't ripped out the socks the mouse chewed but I will . I think I only have 4 pairs of socks on the needles, one afghan, 1 adult surprise jacket, and 3 shawls.

Quilting: I have 3 1/2 blocks out of 10 done for Rosa, I still need to do binding on 2 quilts and finish a baby quilt. This week Sandy sent me a baby quilt pattern to test for her so I really need to sort THE ROOM.

THE ROOM has more than a pathway through to the french doors and I can reach most areas of the room. I have made myself do a little each day and it is working...................... slowly but it is working. DH is very happy the the 36 inch floor loom is out of the kitchen ........................ funny man to let that bother him ............. LOL


  1. Well . . . I am sorry I missed the big Street Party!! I decided to have a nap around 5:30 & woke up at 8:15!! What can I say?? It's been a tough week! I'll definitely have to make it next week. Don't forget the Opal draw - get your pics in by the end of the month.

  2. Karen, that is so funny that someone would call the cops on a group of ladies having a good time! I'm sure they were just envious. I am. LOL! Wish I lived closer.