Thursday, 17 July 2008

weeds, weeds, everywhere

Well I was up this morning pulling weeds from the front lawn. Half the lawn seems to be these weeds with tall stalks and yellow flowers similar to dandelions. I have this new gizmo that on a long pole that lets you pull them without bending over.
The weather has been hot and sunny for days so I haven't had to add lawn mowing to my list of things to do. It is getting a little brown but that is okay. Then the neighbour says to me this morning that we can water the grass on Thursday and Sunday. I don't want to water the grass............... it will grow and I will have to mow it.
Yesterday was runaround and get the car insured. This meant picking up the registration at the shop, getting a 1-day permit, going back to get the car, driving Jill home after she dropped her car off at Jamie's work, put REALLY expensive gas in the car and drive around for a while.,,......... go to air care and then insure the car. Between all this plus shopping , doing a survey for Jill's friend, going to the looney store with Shelby and waiting 40 minutes for one of the pilot cars to show up so I could show him where to go, I got home about 5:30. Had to put all the groceries away and then take a break before I made supper. Oh yes I dropped Shelby off at home and drove Jill to work. At 6:40 the phone rings. It is Gail wondering if I am going to Wednesday night Knitting. That was a bit of a shock............. I thought it was Tuesday all day

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  1. Thank You for your comments on my anniversary mystery shawl. I don´t know, to whom I will give it or maybe it is for me.