Sunday, 21 September 2008


4 hours, yes FOUR HOURS. That is how much time I spend today sorting etc in THE ROOM and it doesn't look any different. I have all the yarn in one place. I have a large box of yarn to give away and the room is still a disaster.............................
I have finished my fingerless gloves and made a pair for Shelby. Bill has one more sock and strange man that he is he wants another one to go with it. I have been working on my Anniversary Mystery shawl and Bill's socks that the mouse chewed.

Must check Iris's e-mail so I know what to take to the Embellishment meeting tomorrow night. I really need another hobby like I need three left feet but it is always good to learn something new, besides it may decrease my stash of stuff.

Shelby was being a maid yesterday. She got the duster, broom , dustpan and carpet cleaner out and was very busy dusting and cleaning. I know she had all those things out as they were still out after she left ............................ LOL.

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  1. Oh, I got a chuckle out of that one! THE ROOM sounds like MY room. Have you been peeking?