Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Busy worrying

I know I haven't posted for 2 weeks but I have been busy worrying about my sister, making siggy blocks and knitting SLOW BEE 1 .
I have all 165 blocks made and am in the process of signing them. I do need to do about 20 more siggies for the international swap,
Slow Bee One - I have ten more pattern rows to do before I start the border which can be 8,16 or 32 rows wide. At approximately one hour/row the border maybe only 8 rows wide. Currently there are 762 stitches in a row and every other row adds 12 more stitches. I would love to be able to give this to my sister in person but I doubt this will happen.

Shelby came back from two weeks at her Dad's with an ATTITUDE that even has her in trouble with Grandpa. She is sassy and
rude to boot. Slowly we are finding out what happened and the behaviour is improving.

We made a whirl wind trip to the island. Went over Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. Bill's nephew , Mike, was home with Regina, his Russian Bride. They were married in November 2007 but this is the first time she has been able to get a visa to come over. Mike works over in Russia 4 months there, four months home. She is a lovely girl and speaks English fairly well but she was cold all the time. She lives by the Caspian sea where it is very, very hot. Bill says Mike is going to have to mind his "P's and Q's" with her as she is of Cossack descent. Some one needs to keep that boy in line. Anyway there was a lovely reception and we saw pictures of the wedding in November. Bill's brother and his wife were there with his daughter and her son. Altogether we were 15 so it was nice. Jill, Shelby and Jamie went over with us. Cory had to work so was unable to come. Hopefully the couple will stop over in our area on the weekend and Cory will get to meet Regina.
I will have photos later from Jill. I left the card with the photos I took with Mum so she could look at them on her "Photo Frame"

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