Sunday, 14 September 2008


are in use to block my Slow Bee 1 shawl. Yes it is finally finished and I am very pleased with it. It was fun to knit and in a way I was sorry to see it finished. I used foam squares to block it and it covers the top of our queen size bed.

These are the fingerless gloves I am working on. I may even get them done today if I don't spend too much time on this computer.

Yesterday we took Shelby garage saling and I got 10 skeins of this wool yarn for $2.50.I plan to make Shelby a sweater with a hood. Now I need to check my books for a pattern.

Oh yes and Shelby left us her usual calling card. We always know where she changed her clothes. She is definitely her Mother's child.


  1. As a WIP, your shawl looked awesome, now, I am anxious to see her after her B&B (bath and blocking)! Hope you will bring her to show and tell for BOTH our Guild meeting & Fibre Night.

  2. Love that shawl! You can really SEE it now that it's blocked! What a wonderful find - that raspberry wool - my fav! How 'bout a Wonderful Wallaby?? Simple, fast knit with hood & pouch!! A kid's favorite for sure.

  3. Oh, your Slow Bee is beautiful!