Thursday, 4 September 2008

Pool halls and Hookers

I keep meaning to tell my son that I spend Wednesday nights at the Pool hall and thursday nights with the hookers but I keep forgetting. Last night at the Pool hall/ cafe Sharon and I swapped some sock Yarn and she had some other yarn that was ideal for this bear I want to knit. Gail stopped by briefly but only to drop off the sweater pattern. She had a horrible headache so didn't stay. Laura is on ball four of her alpaca (or is it Lama) and the afghan is looking lovely. Kathy's socks went to the frog pond as they were too small. She was using 2.00 needles instead of 2.75. Sharon was knitting the sleeves on her grey Arvick sweater. All in all it was a fun evening.

Yesterday I went shopping at the yarn shop that is closing and bought 3 balls of sock yarn.................... I really did need more yarn................, four patterns and " Knitting without Tears" by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I didn't have any sock yarn in these colours and I had never before seen that patterns I bought plus the book was on my list.
I now have to live to 160 to do all the projects I want to do. Buying those things just added 10 years to my life,,,,,,,,,,,,,, See I did need to buy it.................... LOL.

Today has been terribly exciting...... go to the bank , go to the mechanic as the brake light was on............. Only needed fluid Thanks goodness, go to the grocery shop, go to the second hand shop. I mean I was driving right by the shop so of course I had to stop. Bought a rock tumbler for the little one, a book for me, some note cards, a sheep mug and a basket. I didn't really need the basket but it was only 99 cents and had a nice handle. I think I will take my leftover sock yarn to Sharon in the basket. DH says I would buy "used camel cages"if they were 99 cents. I must say it is my favorite price and it is getting harder to fine things for 99 cents so you have to get them when you see them.

Tonight it is off to Knitopia , ( wool shop in Langley) to meet the spinners , Knitters and rug Hookers. I have finished one of my fingerless gloves that I am making from leftover sock yarn and have a reasonable start on the second one. Don't ask about SB1............. I am saving that up date for another day.

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