Friday, 9 January 2009

new to me car

My Darling DH bought me a new car. At least it is new to me, 1993 Subaru wagon in white. It is very nice and Bill says we can paint it yellow in the future. Meanwhile I will have to put something on the antenna so I can find it in the parking lots. My old yellow Honda was easy to spot.
Shelby's first question to me was "When are we going to paint it yellow?" She has offered to help paint .................................. do you think I should take her up on that offer???????????? NOT.
Two weeks until I go to Regina .....................I can't wait. It has been 4 years since I last saw my son, my first born. I was feeling rather down around Christmas because I was missing my Family and then Bill gave me the trip to Regina . Maybe this summer I can see my brothers and sisters. My niece is getting married this month in Mexico but most of the family can't go due to the cost. My sister is planning to have something when they get back so hopefully I will get to that, meanwhile I need to write out some recipes for my sister to take to the shower.
I am going to go lie down now as I feel like I am getting a cold and I want to be healthy when I go to Regina.Will post photos of my new car tomorrow.

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