Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Pool hall

Well there were 6 of us at the pool hall tonight Knitting. Gail, Sharon, Kathy and Dotty were knitting socks. Laura was working on her sweater and I was working on a scarf. We were so busy knitting that it was 9:45 before we knew it. I have to make sure I am packed for Regina by next Wednesday so I can go to knitting as I won't be there the following week.
Well all was quite when I got home. There was a police car across the road but they are gone now. Don't know what was going on. Bill must have to work in the early morning as he is asleep and the beast (DGD with MAJOR attitude problem this morning)
is asleep on the hide-a-bed.
Wonder of wonders the dog didn't bark when I came in , Just came up to greet me then crawled back into bed with DGD.
I am up dating this now as Sharon was giving me static again but I don't have anything to exciting to say except I GET TO SEE MY SON NEXT WEEK.


  1. The Weatherman said it was -44 in Regina last nite! I think you'd better get some wooly longjohns to wear with those boots when you get there, cause you're gonna need them.

  2. I don't imagine that you own a pair of long johns... take a pair of pj's, and extra sweaters... you will find the houses really cold back there..wool socks for inside your boots..and wool mitts... enjoy your boy hugs sheila