Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Life in Regina

Well I am having a great time here. Yesterday morning it was 30 below but today it is only -10. Liz let me take her car yesterday and I went touring. I did a bit of shopping and then went to the Golden Willow shop. What a great place all kinds of fibre and lovely yarns.

I had to have a Tabachek lace spindle ................... I don't have one and you just shouldn't go through life without a Tabachek spindle. Then of course I needed some fibre as I didn't have any with me. I bought a small package of multicoloured BFL and some silk waste.

I found some yellow sock yarn that I just had to have for this pattern I am going to make for me .......... I don't have any yellow sock yarn. Honest I don't and this is just plain yellow in my favorite shade. Then there was the book "Latvian Mittens" and the Ladybug hat and bag plus the lovely golden yarn for a scarf.

Lunch was at this little Thai restaurant, You got this big plate of food and another plate of rice for $7.98. I couldn't even eat it all. Boy was it good ........ I would definitely go there again. After lunch I went to the other yarn shop but they didn't really have anything I wanted except a couple of balls of sock yarn ............................ You can never have too much sock yarn.......... right.

After shopping for something for DH and DS I went back to the Golden Willow and sat there to knit and visit until I had to pick up my DIL. We had spaghetti for supper and then looked at photo albums.

Today I did nothing but a little knitting. Then Liz's folks took us out for dinner which was really nice. Florence (Liz's Mom) is going to come by and take me for coffee one day. That will be nice. Well that's it for today. Liz and I are going to sit down and drink some port before she goes to bed.


  1. Glad to hear that you are having a good time. But then, of course, how could you not be ?!?! We missed you tonight at WNK. Oh, no, "L", again, frogged many inches of her sweater. Take care, my Friend, see you next week.

  2. I just can't believe we are hearing from you so much... i love it... glad you are enjoying yourself... when will ya be home... keep up the blogging... hugs

  3. I guess nothing stops the intrepid sock yarn shopper, not ice, or snow, not a town at the end of the earth, nor sleet, nor bull-low temps . . . .