Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Well just about everything is packed and ready to go. My plane leaves at 4:15. It was wonderful to see my son and meet Liz and her family. I am going out for coffee with Florence (Liz's Mom) this morning at the biggest Tim Horton's in Canada.
I haven't bought any more fibre but I did finish the socks for DH and have almost finished another pair of mitts. I have requests from Liz and Candice for these felted mukluks in Canadian Living and Che wants a scarf so I guess I will be busy when I get home. May try to do them for Birthdays that are coming up.
I thought would be going home with fewer bags but Che and Liz had so many presents to send back with me I still have 4 bags. The only thing is they aren't as heavy as they were when I came.
Che had to leave yesterday to go back to work but we did spend time together on the weekend. It was rather a tearful good-bye for me but hopefully he will get out to see us this summer and maybe Liz can come too. It would be great if Bill could meet Liz's grandchildren but I KNOW they won't bring them. They are a lot of work especially Adain who at 1 is into everything and especially those things he knows he shouldn't be into. He is already a terrible tease and as cute as can be. He is going to be a heart breaker when he is older.

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