Thursday, 12 February 2009

Messy house

Well I spend a day and a half resting and yesterday I went to Jackie's to quilt. I worked on one of the blocks I owe Rosa, after I fixed Laura's knitting. Last night I went to the Pool Hall to knit. Finished the 'Magic Scarf"( its not really very magic). It's a gift for a friend.
OOOOPS no photo. I guess I should get my camera out and take some photos of things I bought and made.
Today I have to find the kitchen and vacuum DOG HAIR . I may find time to run my green yarn through the spinning wheel again as the rayon thread is too loosely plied to the wool.
Tonight is fiber night at Knitopia so Gail, Sharon and I are planning to be there as we have a surprise for Lynn (the owner).
I am working on the sample shawl for knitopia and the Test shawl for Mario (aka Leo) so I need to get those done before I tackle anything else. Then it is a balaclava for Jamie, a moebius stole for Cory, Scarf for Che, mukluks for Liz and Candice, also something for Jill if she would sit down here long enough to pick something out of my books.
I am going to try and make at least one item to put in the gift box each month even if it is just a wash cloth. That way I should have a stash of gifts.
I also need a mindless project to do when I am knitting and visiting as that is not a good time to do lace unless you want to rip it all out afterwards............... NOT me......... I do enough ripping as it is. Therefore I have started another pair of socks in a 6 ply Opal as it will knit up a little faster than regular 4 ply sock yarn.
I think I am going to design a pair of fingerless mitts done from the top down on two circulars . Can't decide if I will put in a lace pattern or a cable one. Need to think on that........................... this may take a while as "sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits" (Pooh).
I really don't want to do house work today. Does anyone else hate unloading the dishwasher. I quite like loading it. Its sort of like doing a puzzle............. how many dishes can I fit in and still have them come out clean. Unloading is just not a challenge.................. anyone want to come and do my housework so I can knit spin and quilt???????
I can't even blame the mess on Shelby but how about Bill and the dog? I of course have not contributed to this disaster. I think the knitting and spinning fairies have left all this fiber on every seat (but 2) in the living room................. and all the other flat spaces.

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