Thursday, 19 February 2009

I am losing it............

I am not sure what IT is so that makes it hard to find it. Yesterday when I got dressed I put my shirt on inside out and my jeans on back to front and no they do not have a zipper (elastic waist). Fortunately I discovered this right after I did it so didn't go out in public. Besides the jeans felt funny.
Last night was pool hall night, there was 8 of us, no 7. The Yarn Floozies didn't come so they must have gone to Three Bags Full. Today 2 of my quilting friends are coming over to knit and tonight is knitopia.
Tomorrow is Wedding Dress shopping again , Saturday is quilting at Jocelyn's and Sunday is Multi- media group here.
I also started the Twisted Wrap for Cory. I know........ I KNOW .........I have the 2 shawls to do for other people but I can;t do them at knit nights.