Sunday, 5 July 2009

No riding lately

I haven't fallen off my bike lately mainly because I have not been on it. I have been toooooooooo stiff and sore. I am not sure what is going on but it can't be just the biking.

I am working on the bag KAL, the Swallowtail shawl and Tango Shawl. I am having to rip out 6 rows on the Tango one because I can't figure out what I have done wrong......... any way it is fixed and tomorrow I will work on it again. I am trying to catch up to everyone on the bag KAL. Have almost finished part 2 and then on to part 3 before part 4 comes out on Wednesday.

I spent part of the afternoon with DD #1 and we worked on her garden. It was a very nice afternoon. Tonight's dinner was purchased at Safeway as I did not feel like cooking. The heat has been getting the best of me


  1. I enjoy visiting your blog. I would love to see the beaded stitch markers you mentioned in a previous post.
    I have chosen you for the Honest Scrap award!! Because I love your blog! Please check out my blog for details!

  2. Maybe it IS the biking! You know you haven't used those muscles in that way for a LOOOOOOOONG time & we don't bounce as well as we did WAAAAAAY back then! Oh, for just a little estrogen . . . .