Monday, 20 July 2009

STUFF STUFF and more stuff

I went for another ride on my bike ................... did 5 blocks and did NOT wipe out. I even managed to relax enough to think about why I was breathing through my mouth .................... DUH ................ your asthma is not in good control you silly woman. This hot weather keeps all the air pollution and it makes breathing more difficult so I have started to use my inhalers again ................... I really don't like them but they do help me breath better so there isn't really an option here.

I took the sampler shawl to Lynne last Thursday and she was very happy with it. I was so surprised when she gave me the pattern to keep as well as two ............Yes TWO balls of oh so lovely Fiddlesticks yarn. I choose a greeny-blue colour and am going to knit the 'Queen of Earth Stole' again as it is such a lovely pattern. I am working on "tango' a shawl pattern I am helping to test as well as my bag for the KAL. My bag needs one more strap then I will felt it and TA DA it is finished. I have figured out the pattern I am going to make for my Janice Sister. It is from Elann but I can't remember the name at the moment.

WE HAD AN ABBA dinner on Saturday and it was so good to see everyone. I really have missed them as we haven't got together for about three months. I broke down and asked the gals to help with the ROOM. I find it very hard to ask for help so this was a major step for me. Anyway we need to figure out a day and "THEY WILL COME" .

Yesterday I had joined the cyber spin-in with the 'Wee Sock 'group on Ravelry . Then DGD cam over and we went to see DD Cory. We helped her plant sunflowers and DGD brought one home. I brought home more of the ground cover that DD dislikes so today I will have to plant it in the rockery.

Today I will do more spinning, some knitting, gardening and I will have to do laundry and dishes .................... the never ending things.

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