Monday, 31 August 2009

2 socks 2 needles

Well I am trying this again. I find I am quicker with DP needles but I am testing this pattern for a lady on Ravelry and the pattern is toe up, and has sea things in it. So I am knitting 2 socks on 2 circular needles inside out. Yes you read that right INSIDE OUT This means I purl instead of knit but that is fine. Inside out you say ...................... why would anyone do that .................... well when you are doing fairisle type knitting in the round if you knit it inside out the yarn is loose enough so you can get the socks on. I think this is a very important point ........................ who wants to knit socks you can't get on. I did that once................ not intentionally.................. I made these beautiful fancy turkish style socks and couldn't get them over my instep............... yes I have a high instep, wide foot........................ but Turkish sock have a differnt style heel and the sock didn't have any give so it WOULDN"T GO ON MY FOOT. They decorated the wall until I found someone with a skinny foot that could wear these socks.
I want to knot ( that should read KNIT, who wants knotted socks) both socks at the same time so the pattern is the same on both. Normally this is not an issue for me or maybe I should say having identical socks is an issue as I prefer fraternal socks and earrings. Not that earrings have anything to do with this but I just thought I should add that. ( You never know when someone may take it into their head to buy you earrings.)
Oh yes I couldn't find the colour of yarn I wanted for these socks so I food colour dyed two skeins of white. They are now aqua. I found green, blue ,pink, red and orange in my stash.

THE ROOM actually has a floor and I am filling the recycling bin with paper. If it is blank on one side it goes for the printer. Doris has a neice who is starting to sew so I am going to give her some fabric and other sewing stuff that I am parting with. I still have to decrease the pattern section of my room as everything will not fit in the space I have allowed. I was feeling so proud of myself that I had all this floor space and then I looked at the other end of the room. THEN I turned around and walked OUT OF THE ROOM.

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  1. Ahhhhhh . . . the ROOM. My livingroom is like your room. Only room for one chair And then there's the office . . . more of the same. I think they build screened porches for people like us or garage add-ons. Or bigger houses. When I win the Lotto . . .