Saturday, 18 January 2014


Yesterday I went with Bill to the Complex Joint Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital. He had x-rays, blood work, ECG , was seen by the rather negative resident and the more positive surgeon. They told him he has to see the Cardiologist who will have the final decision on whether or not he can have the surgery. I had a disagreement with the resident when he said Bill had COPD, the surgeon said it was almost the same as asthma. I showed some restraint and only said "No it isn't" and left it at that. Didn't tell him I was a retired PT. Have been trying to figure out the project(s) I will do during the Olympics. The Ravellry group has what are now called Ravellenics when the Olympics are on. The idea is to challenge yourself with the type or number of knitting projects and we get badges for finishing. It was called the Ravellympics but the IOC demanded that the site owners stop using that title. Apparently us doing these knitting projects was demeaning all the work the athletes went through, plus there was a whole lot of other sh"&#^~€. Cripes it has been four years since this happened and I am still annoyed about it. I know for me I watched way more of the Olympics than I have in the past. Anyway the past is past and we are doing the same thing under a different title. For my projects I want to do a pair of colour work mittens and a Maple Leaf Shaped shawl. Then I looked at all my UFOs ( unfinished projects)and thought maybe I should be finishing them instead of starting something new or maybe I should see if I can finish my Williamson shawl. Mind you if I wanted to finish my shawl, I would have to lock myself in THE ROOM and ignor everyone for the duration of the games......... Some how I don't think this would be a popular choice.

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