Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I don't do this very often so finding the supplies and equipment can be a challenge at our house. I had some yarn I wanted to dye and I found the dyes okay but the pot was eluding me. Anyone who has ever been in our house will understand this problem. So I check the back porch, good place to start right ............. Not there but now I am thinking WHAT A MESS!!!........... Some needs to clean this mess up ........ Someone = Me in our house. It's raining .......... I don't want to go out in the rain. ............... but I need the dye pot. Brew a cup of coffee and try to think of alternatives. I could use the food colouring and vinegar in the crock pot. Don't think I can get the colour I want. I have the colour in a dye packet but you can't dye with it using dishes you are going to eat from so although I tell the family to eat their poison mushrooms it is just a family joke. (I don't think they use mushrooms to make this dye.) Having been unable to come up with an alternative solution I put on my boots and coat, get the shed keys and bravely go out into the downpour (it's really more of a constant drizzle). The back shed is the most likely one to have the dye pot in it as it was here when we moved in..............THE KEY DOESNT WORK ............ The lock is rusted shut. Check the tarp garage what's-it. Can't get in there as DH has it full of STUFF. ( he says it's all good stuff......I say it is 3/4 full of JUNK). Anyway you don't want to hear about on going family issues (like for years) One shed left to check, I am fairly sure the pot isn't in there but I will check. Lock opens nicely, NO RUST, and NO POT. Now what ... Back into the house, brew more coffee, sit down, think, think, think. The crock pot will take too long so what else is big enough.......... The canning pressure cooker will work and I will just have to use the food dye. Into the kitchen, look up at the shelf above the cupboard for the canning pot........................ What do I see sitting right nest to it ......... You guessed it THE DYE POT. If anyone knows where my brain went please send it home. .


  1. It's called post menopausal brain. We all have it after a certain age . . . . . smile.

  2. Please put an 'e' in your title!! Changes the context entirely!
    Lovely to 'read' you. I think your brain is hanging with mine, happily spinning knitting and daydreaming.

  3. Uhmmmmm, wait a minute. I didn't know you lived at my house. lol And you're right - husband's junk is junk, ours is good stuff. :)

    PS - we're partners in WTS. I'll contact you as soon as I wander back to Rav. Got distracted by your blog. Good stuff here. :)