Sunday, 26 January 2014


Well we just finished watching "Grand Turino" with Clint Eastwood. Anyone who has watched this movie and knows me knows why this is entitled "tears". My kids just shake their heads and Shelby looks at me and says "Gramma it's just a TV show. Meanwhile the tears are running down my face and sobs come from my area of the room. My children say they won't go to the movies with me because in the movie "Return to Snowy River" I leap up and yelled "THEY SHOT THE HORSE". Is it a wonder I do not watch scary movies............ I get so involved in the show. The only scary movie I ever watched was "The Shining". My siblings forced me to watch it. I spent most of the time with my hands over my face. It would be better if I could turn off the sound because then I wouldn't be able to hear "The Scary Music"......... You do realize that all bad parts of movies have SCARY MUSIC. If there is SCARY MUSIC I usually have to do something in the kitchen or THE ROOM .............. I come back when the SCARY MUSIC stops. You see I can listen to the SCARY MUSIC or watch the show but not both........ Oh well. Off to make some tea.

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