Monday, 20 January 2014

Half a block

That is what I managed to sew at quilting on Sunday. Five of us went out it Birgit's. She had booked the lodge for the day so we had lots of room. I just took hand sewing as I didn't want to haul the sewing machine and assorted other stuff. I worked on one of my DJ blocks and managed to sew 21 small pieces together by hand. I would have got more do e but we had to have show and tell, catch up on what has happened since October, have a look at everyone's projects and just generally visit. That sort of limited my sewing time. I have discovered that I am way more chatty than I think I am. Here I always thought of myself as quiet and shy......... Finished the throw I was making. It has Elizabeth's approval as her comment was "it's big enough for me."

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