Friday, 3 January 2014

Almost a month

I did have good intentions of blogging more frequently and today I noticed it has been almost a month since I posted anything. So much for those plans....... I really have been busy with Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversary and dogs. For her Birthday Aaron took Cory to Mexico. They have three dogs so DJ (old, poodle cross, sweet and well behaved) went to a friends house. Dozer, a roly-poly white chihuahua came to us and Kujo, active, black and white chihuahua/Boston terrier cross went to Jill. The only problem with this plan is Jill and Elizabeth come over every day and yes she brought their dog Princess AND Kujo. When she left to go do what ever she goes to do we got left with FOUR ........ YES 4 dogs. I realize I have already told everyone about this but that was at the beginning of the "week of extra dogs". Kujo and Dozer are both male dogs so like to mark their territory so they had to be watched. Kujo and Priscilla played and played together. Princess would get involved if she thought Priscilla was getting hurt......... I guess this is sort of a sibling thing........ I can be mean to my sister but don't you dare. Well about this point Dozer joins in as he thinks he is the boss and the the fight is on. The fight was usually between Kujo and Dozer. So the dogs are fighting , Elizabeth is laughing and trying to get in the middle Of the dogs, Bill is yelling things the dogs don't understand and Elizabeth shouldn't hear. Meanwhile I or Jill and I are trying to separate the dogs and hoping none of them gets injured........... Needless to say all thoughts of having two dogs have been discarded. Mind you Bill had said NO to the possibility of having two dogs but it isn't really his decision. I announced years ago that I have the final say about pets in the house as I am the one that always has to look after them. Christmas was lovely, Jill and girls came over Christmas Eve and then I went to Jill's Christmas morning. We all went to Cory and Aaron's for dinner. We had churducken, don't know if the spelling is correct, but it was good, very rich and not something I would want every year. For our Anniversary I cooked a turkey as we NEEDED turkey for sandwiches. I can't believe it has been 44 years that we have been married, I can't be that old..........LOL. I didn't knit Christmas gifts this year as I never seem to get things done on time and always am madly knitting Christmas Eve. This year I gave my self a rest. Every year the Girls want dish cloths so this year I have joined a Ravellry group that knits two rows every day. By December I will have 12 dish cloths, at least that is the plan. I am sure some of them will get gifted during the year but either way I won't me madly knitting dish cloths Christmas Eve. On the spinning front I am plying some of the fibre I bought at OFFF with a green silk thread. Haven't decided if I like it as it is coming out very green ............. What a surprise. Needless to say I have been dragging my feet about finishing the plying. My "Williamson Stole" has been on hold but will get back to it this week for sure. Oh oh it's Friday ........well next week...... For sure. Have talked to Che and Liz a couple of times over the holidays. I really miss not seeing them but this year I will see them one way or another. Well that's it for today. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE

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