Saturday, 12 January 2008

How weird do they think I am

I can't believe this................... my own daughter.

Yesterday Jill came over for coffee. The machine had just finished brewing when she arrived so as she went to the kitchen to get her coffee, I gave her my hot chocolate mug from the night before. I never thought to say anything. As there was still half a marshmallow in the cup I just assumed that she would put the coffee in a clean cup. This is a reasonable assumption don't you agree?
Jill came back with 2 cups of coffee. Mine had HALF A MARSHMALLOW FLOATING IN IT!!...................................................... YES YOU READ IT RIGHT HALF A MARSHMALLOW FLOATING IN MY BLACK COFFEE ............................. I looked at her and said" Why would you put coffee in this mug? There is a marshmallow in it!"
Her reply:"Well I thought it was a little weird but you do weird things all the time."
My reply;"I am not that weird"
Jill "Yes you are Mum. All my friends think you are weird too."
(DH is nodding his head in the background)

Now I hope you are sitting down in a very stable chair. Apparently the reason her friends think I am weird is as follows;
1) I go to a Wednesday Night Sock knitting group.
2) I go away on quilting retreats where we drink wine and do alot of laughing. (we quilt as well)
3) I go away on spinning retreats, no drinking but lots of fun and laughter.
My reply:" None of my friends think I am that weird!"
Jill " That's because they are weird too!"

So to all my WEIRD friends out there be very careful or you too can end up with MARSHMALLOW IN YOUR COFFEE!!!!!!


  1. Daahhhhling, put a couple of heaping teaspoons of hot chocolate mix into that coffee with the marshmallow. It's called a Mocha!
    I'd rather be weird than Dishwater Ordinary - like most daughters!

  2. well then I must need a marshmellow in my cup, because 1. I have a local group that meets 2x a month and no drinking, but lots of show n tell and laffs 2. I go away to crochet CGOAs by my lonesome and meet lots of friends and lots of fun 3. I go on field trips to yarn stores

  3. Throw me a marshmallow, too!!! Poor Jill (and all her friends), just don't know how much FUN they are missing!!!

  4. I would be glad to share your coffee and marshmallow, and am delighted to be called one of your weird friends who loves you dearly...Just imagine what DD will think as you get older and weirder, and decide that you actually like marshmallows in your coffee...hugs sheila

  5. Just read your blog from the link on the DJ list and roared over the post on being weird ROFLOL! How old is your daughter? I have 4 kids 28,27,24,21 and they'd all be in total agreement with her. I told them I'm happy to be weird if it means having so many fun friends. Hang in there...we'll support you.

    Hugs from Canada,

  6. I'd have brought you a clean cup! LOL! My daughter can't think I'm weird for Thursday night Knit-Nights, because she comes with me and knits too! She got interested in knitting, after reading Chicks with Sticks, which is a teen book about knitting groups. She taught herself using the videos on