Saturday, 5 January 2008

a New Year and am I overloading myself.............

Well Shelby was here yesterday. It is amazing how one small child can leave her mark even though she put the toy's away. There were the books, her drawings, her chair, doll and sweater. Plus she left her games box in the middle of the living room. She is definitely her Mother's and Grandfather's child. .............. they all leave things where they finish with them.................. is it a wonder that I have grey hair?????????????
Have almost finished the socks I was knitting for no one in particular. Have started another pair and I am signed up for two mystery shawls. I finished testing a dishcloth pattern but haven't finished my winter DJ swap blocks that need to be mailed by the 15th of this month. I finished the beaded scarf for one of my friends and just have to finish up the binding on a table runner for another friend. Still need to finish the quilts for my kids and do two more blocks for a different DJ swap (Susan's fault)
Oh here are pictures of the items I made for Son and SO. Laura was modeling them but put the cowl on upside down to start.

This is the "Ice Queen" pattern from
I used a little heavier mohair than it called for as they live in Regina, Sask. I did put the beads on but they don't really show up in the photos.

This is the way the cowl should be worn although she does look rather like a 'flower' with it on the wrong way.............. LOL........ but I don't think it would keep your neck warm.

My son's helmet is from "Homespun-Handknit" from Interweave Press. This should help keep him warm !!!

Tonight is supposed to be an 'ABBA' dinner but Margaret and I think that Lisa has forgotten or double booked herself AGAIN and we aren't sure if Larry gave Sheri the date calender and if he did we are not sure that Sherri remembered. This maybe changed to a "Lunchy/Brunchy thing" next weekend. Time will tell.


  1. Your cowl (Ice Queen) is lovely. I would never have given it a second look in the fine mohair...but yours is lovely. Did you change the directions at all to compensate for the heavier yarn? What weight mohair did you use?

  2. Would love to hear from you but forgot to enable follow up comments on the last note:(